Terms & Conditions
Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics Ltd. Hong Kong and all branch offices in Mainland China, Taiwan and Vietnam are applying Haffa Standard Trading Conditions:
These Standard Trading Terms and Conditions shall apply for any agreement or any other document with legal effect in respect of freight forwarding and Logistics services and relevant of pertaining services (including but not limited to the services provided of arranging for the carriage of goods by Air, Sea and Land, storage, warehousing, collection, delivery, insurance for transport or storage, customs clearance packing, unpacking, loading, unloading etc.) between Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics Ltd or its branch offices in Mainland China and Representative Offices and any client or its agent or employee.
It shall be deemed that the client acknowledges and agrees with the application of these Standard Terms and Conditions if such customer or its agent or employee entrusts Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics Ltd to above the undertaking of all or part of the aforesaid logistics services.

Please download the Haffa Standard Trading Terms & Conditions here ( PDF File ).