Francesco Parisi group is a Shipping and Freight Forwarding Group of Companies established by Francesco Parisi (1778-1813) in Trieste and present in Central Europe since 1807.

The group has several subsidiaries in Europe and the Asian Pacific region engaged in Freight Forwarding, Shipping Agency Service, Terminal Operating, and Infrastructure Management for the marine terminals and intermodal rail terminals.

The group is still controlled and managed from the origin by the Parisi family – now the eighth generation in business.

Current group CEO: Dr. Francesco S. Parisi

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Parisi group Head Office in Trieste since 1882 up to today.

Key Milestones In The Company's History

1807 New


The company was founded in Trieste, 1807 by Mr. Francesco Parisi

< Founder Mr. Francesco Parisi - Image on the left >

1835 Trieste

Until the First World War, Trieste was the main port of a vast economic region belonging to the Austro / Hungarian empire.

Indeed, this fact helped Francesco Parisi Group expanding its activities to Central and Eastern Europe and opening several new companies.

<Image on the right - Trieste, 19th Century>

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1857Vienna 630x466 1


Opening Vienna Office

<Image on the left - Parisi office Vienna>


Venice Branch was founded.
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1879 Munich


Opening the first Munich branch.

< Image on the left - Munich around 1950 >

1882 - 1898

Opening Genoa and Milan offices.

<Image on the right - Genoa port 1882>

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  Company centenary celebration 

1914 - 1945

During and after the First and Second War, several offices and companies were forced to close.

< Image showing 1930 Oil Shipping >

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1945 - 1970

The post-World War II economic expansion was in full swing, and the company rebuilt its new office network and transport services.

New trade corridors opened up, and the company expanded its service portfolio.

< Image shows New York port 1955 >

1971 to 21st Century

Over the years, Francesco Parisi Group has built up business ties in the world’s most important markets.

The company established itself as a logistics provider on an international scale.

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The group has achieved a new milestone in the history of the company with the establishment of the first office in the Asia Pacific region.

The Hong Kong office was established in 2003.

2003 - 2010

PGS expanded very fast, and several new offices were established to cope with the rapidly growing market in China; Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, and JV PGS Global Express, Shenzhen.

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2011 - 2015

The first offices in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) and Taiwan (Taipei) were set up, and additional offices have opened in China (Qingdao, Ningbo, and Tianjin)

2016 - 2018

The group continues to grow in the Asian region, and additional offices and logistics services have been launched:

Zhengzhou, Seoul, Nanjing, Haiphong, Bangkok, PGS Warehouse Hong Kong, PGS CBEL Taiwan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and PGS CBEL Shenzhen

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PGS set up the first office in India. The New Delhi office supports the fast-growing cross-border E-commerce and export market for the group of companies.

Additional offices in Mumbai and Chennai followed in the same year.

PGS India established itself as a strong player in the region in a short period.


The Covid-19 Pandemic hit the whole world and created massive logistics and shipping interruptions. Airline passenger services and routes have decreased or totally stopped, which caused record-high air cargo prices. The Sea freight container service encountered enormous container imbalance and space constraints in the second half of 2020.

PGS invested further in the eCommerce sector, which was growing during the pandemic, and opened up more FBA/CBEL services from Shanghai, Pudong area, and Nanchang.

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