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Professional Shipping for PPE Material (Personal Protective Equipment) and Epidemic Suppliers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, face masks, N95 Respirators, goggles, Medical Gloves, Medical Gowns, and respirators, or other equipment designed to protect the wearer from injury or the spread of infection or illness.

The global coronavirus outbreak has tested people, industries, governments, and supply chains, unlike any crisis in modern times. Manufacturers and suppliers of personal protective equipment (PPE) have been working overtime to increase production in response to unprecedented international demand.

Parisi Grand Smooth provides pre-check service for suppliers and export documentation in China and other countries. The shipper must provide all export documentation, licenses, and a quality certificate that the cargo can be exported and comply with the export regulations.

Parisi Grand Smooth also provides supporting services as below:

  • Consolidate cargo from various suppliers.
  • Repacking for Hand Sanitizers to comply with IATA Airline regulations (flammable liquid) and other add-on services if needed.
  • Air Freight and Courier Shipping service.
  • Charter service and ground handling, Economy options by Sea/Air or Railway.
  • Consult for Import regulations and customs clearance services.
  • Sourcing support from China with a wide range of products.

Parisi Grand Smooth Provides Reliable and Cost-Effective Shipping.

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